Our Team Can Do It All!

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Our Team Can Do It All!

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Portrait Studio

Lime Light Studio is a professional portrait studio located in Beaverton, Michigan. Since our establishment in 2006, we have been providing the local community with some of the best photography services around!

Our team can do it all!

We do family portraits as well as baby and children’s portraits. Plus, we also do senior photos! Our goal is to help you remember these precious moments forever. Photos are the best way to preserve memories and to make them last a lifetime.

At our portrait studio, we offer different backdrops and props to make your portraits unique and beautiful. We use high-tech technology in order to produce incredible photographs and long-lasting prints.

Our photographers have years of experience in portrait photography, and they know just what to do to showcase the charm and individuality of you, your children, and your family.

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Capturing the Moments

You can be rest assured knowing that you are in great hands. We have over 20 years of experience and are fullly dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction. 



Many people think back fondly of their high school days, but what makes these memories last a lifetime is getting senior photos taken! Senior photos are portraits taken of your teen that showcase their talents, interests, and personality. You only graduate once! After your teenager graduates, they will be moving on to bigger and better things. Make sure that you preserve these precious moments forever by coming to us for senior photos! Every senior is different, which is why we make it our mission to make every photo shoot unique. We want to show off your teen’s individuality through the use of props, clothing, and location. We can shoot either on location or in our photo studio – whatever you prefer. If your teen is a football star, we can shoot on the field. Or, if your teen loves to dance, we can photograph her graceful dance moves! If you want to learn more about our senior photos services, call us today!


Taking good photos of children isn’t easy, as we’re sure you know! Every time you try to take a photo on your phone, your child laughs, jumps away, or runs around. Not only that, but photos taken on a smartphone aren’t the best quality. If you want some high-quality photos to hang up in your home and show to loved ones, come to Lime Light Studio for our children’s portraits services! Our photographers have many years of experience in shooting children’s portraits. We can photograph children of all ages, from infancy to their teenage years. Whether you want to do a single portrait of your child, or a group portrait, we can do whatever you want! We’ll bring out the individuality of your child with every shoot. We can shoot on location or in our professional photo studio. If you want to learn more about our baby portraits or to book a photo shoot, call us today!


Your family will grow and change over time – all families do. Children grow up and move away. Parents and other family members grow old and change, too. This is why family portraits are so important! Photos capture the here and now so that you never forget these precious moments while you still have them. Cherish your family’s memories forever by getting family portraits from us at Lime Light Studio! We have many years of experience in photographing adults and children of all ages, so you can trust us to make each and every family member look their very best. We have the high-tech equipment necessary to provide you with incredible photos and quality, long-lasting prints. Our photographers can do both group and individual portraits, and we can provide you with physical and digital copies of your prints. To find out about our family portraits, give us a call today!

Sports Teams

We are proud to offer affordable sports team packages for your entire league. The team photos can be customized with your leagues logo and town mascots. If you have a travel team that competes around the state and would like a team banner that displays your sponsors, we can help you with that as well.

Call us to book your appointment today 989.246.2300.

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