Photographing high school seniors is one of the best parts of my job. I love their energy and diversities. Show casing their personalities is what I enjoy most.

We have a session just right for you! We can customize your session to fit your individual needs. You will receive a personalized 8x10 hard cover proof book with any session, to vie and make your print selections from. Your proof book will be completed a few weeks after your session, at that time there is a deposit required. Your deposit will be applied to your print order, with any order your proof book is yours to keep, at no additional charge.

Want just a few outfit changes in studio? Not everyone is excited about senior portraits and would prefer to keep the process as a little low key. The Basic Session is just right for you. Traditional portraits and casuals proofs will be included in your proof book. Approximately 16 proof.

Want more? Extended Session,
5 outfits and multiple locations in and around the studio; on the sports field, in the park or in the back ally. Bring your dog, your car, uniform, whatever suits you! This session can last two hours and you will have traditional portraits, casual and a collage in your proof book. Approximately 24 proofs.

Get ready, lets GO!
"Wait, I want so much MORE!" Yeah we hear ya. With so many great portrait opportunities in our area we do not want to miss out on them! This session can take us to the family farm, the vacation cottage on the lake, whatever suits you. This session may need to be divided into two days: one in studio and the second on location.
Exclusive Session will start in studio with 3-5 outfit changes, then we will hit the road. Country roads, fields, the lake, Dow Gardens... 3-4 outfits on location. This session also includes the upgraded coffee table style proof book and a minimum of 50 proof. Two of your proofs will be available on Facebook.

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